The Kisoboka Trust supports local initiatives in various countries in sub-Saharan Africa impacting on water, sanitation, health and related issues in communities, schools, hospitals and health centres.

 Kisoboka – The name

 Kisoboka means “It is possible” in the Luganda language – one of the several used in Uganda.

Kisoboka – How it started

One of the trustees received a request from a school in Uganda for help with water and sanitation projects.  Despite contacting several organisations, charities and NGOs, it seemed unlikely that  any practical or financial assistance could be provided.

Unable to make an effective response as an individual,  a group of friends offered to come  together to form the Kisoboka Trust. The trust was created with no funds and no supporters. Thanks to family members, individuals, schools and other charities we have found “it is possible”  to provide funding and technical support for a range of projects.

The featured photographs show some of the existing and planned projects. To see a more complete set of photographs  Go to our portfolio here.  The Trust has plans to broaden its support into the local communities in Uganda and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

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The Kisoboka Trust 2017  Reg No 1165865

What Kisoboka does

The Kisoboka Trust supports local initiatives in various countries in sub-Saharan Africa impacting on water, sanitation, health and related issues in communities, schools, hospitals and health centres

Kisoboka works by :-

The Kisoboka Trust was set up in 2007 in response to a request from a High School in Masaka Uganda for financial and technical assistance in building rain water harvesting facilities and latrines.
Kisoboka has supported projects for 3 rainwater tanks (2 off 50,000 litres and 1 off 30,000 litres), latrines (VIP type) for boys and girls and wash rooms for each. Through other supporters we have been able to provide an economic wood burning stove and have on occasions given
limited emergency funds for food and medicine. A Food Security Project has
been started at the school with cultivation of vegetables, maize etc together with fish tanks and a greenhouse for tomatoes and peppers. All these projects have made maximum use of local labour, parents and senior students with technical inputs from local tradesmen and engineers.

As a result of working together on these projects we have established an effective and mutually trusting relationship with our partners.
In the last few years the Trust has been able to provide technical support to projects in slum areas in Nairobi, Kenya and has established a working partnership with the Kenya Rainwater Association and have completed a rainwater harvesting project at a school in Kenya. A rainwater harvesting system and toilets have been built at a primary school in Kenya and have funded another 6 stance latrine at a school in Uganda.

In the last two years we have been able to initiate and support a project to refurbish and bring into use pumps and protected springs in the Kalungu district of Uganda.One of our trustees initiated a Health Camp in Kalungu district which was attended by over 600 men women and children needing care.

It is planned to repeat this and address, on a more permanent basis, the health needs of the local population.

The featured photographs at the top of our pages show some of the completed and planned projects. To see a more complete set of photographs  go  to our portfolio page  here. 

The Trust has plans to broaden its support into the local communities in Uganda and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Who we are

Who we are - Founders

Brian Arthur

Brian Arthur is a founding Trustee of the Kisoboka Trust. Brian is a Southampton UK resident and is a semi retired Chartered Accountant. In his retirement Brian carries out accountancy work  and audits for several local charities.

Norman Martin

Norman Martin is a retired Chartered engineer and professional manager. With experience in several branches of engineering specialising mainly in Project Manangement, maintenance and facilities management.


On retirement Norman formed a “virtual” organisation known as Newtraid to provide an on line meeting place for volunteer consultants and clients. As a result of contacts made through Newtraid Norman became involved with hospital projects in Uganda and received requests for support from a school in Uganda. As a result of assistance from the trustees and others The Kisoboka Trust was formed to respond to such requests and support projects in water sanitation and health related areas.


Who we are - Trustees

Debbie Perkin

Debbie  joined us as a trustee in 2013. Debbie is qualified with a Bsc Hons Community Nursing / Public Health, and the Diploma in Tropical Nursing from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


Her nursing has predominantly been A&E and overseas medical repatriation bringing ill patients home from overseas.  Her voluntary work is in Kenya, in the Nairobi slums, and Sierra Leone. She started Wings of Mercy in the slums after working for another charity out there and seeing money going down a ‘black hole’ and the people needing help being ignored. She works there with Roger Molera her Kenyan colleague. This has been since 2004. Her charities main work is medical outreach where Debbie leads a team of volunteers to provide free healthcare to the local people. She also enables ladies to start small businesses through skills education and small loans with business training alongside and links with 2 schools in the slums.

In Sierra Leone she works mainly in Kamakumba, a remote jungle village in the North. She has been instrumental in helping to start the first ever health post in the village and liaised with government officials on her latest journey, to discuss registration for the ‘clinic’. This also brought about the first ever vaccination programme in Kamakumba.


Eric Gussin

Eric trained as a plant pathologist and has spent his career working in the agricultural industry around the world. He has experience in a wide range of food crops and the conditions required for growing them. 


Eric has worked in Africa, Asia, Europe and the US and South America. He is a qualified Chartered Marketer and marketing strategist. The Kisoboka Trust offers an exciting opportunity to use his skills to make meaningful and sustainable change to parts of Africa. In Eric’s spare time he likes to go hiking, read, listen to music and tend to his allotment.


Suzanne Hodnett

Suzanne works within adult education as a Tutor in Business Management and Marketing Apprenticeships. She ran her own business in Digital Marketing for well over a decade and has a passion for supporting community development in Africa.

Susannah Clements

Susannah is a Pharmacist with an interest in tropical diseases and WASH projects. She has previously lived in Kisumu, Kenya as part of a secondment working with the Ogra Foundation.

Ruth Wilkie

Ruth is an epidemiologist based in London working for the NHS. She has experience working in malaria control in Africa, supported the UK’s Covid-19 response and volunteers with a global health mentorships programme that equips young health professionals. In particular, she’s enthusiastic about communicating science in non-scientific settings and social justice. Outside of work, Ruth enjoys travel (outside of Covid!), baking, live music and she loves dogs. 

Pius Kendie

Pius is a qualified chartered accountant with expertise in management, project, programme, and forensic accounting. He is an expert in analysing complex and £multi-million defence resource transactions, developing commercial and financial models that ensures affordability, underpinning service delivery and driving business value. He believes in democracy and the right to choose; passionate about equality, poverty alleviation, and empowering people to achieve their potential.

Who we are - Volunteers

Emily Martin

Emily joined Kisoboka as a volunteer after graduating from the University of Southampton.


Emily uses her skills  to edit our newsletters and develop our use of social media platforms.  She also persuades elderly trustees and others to join in energetic fund raising activities.


This could be you

Whatever your skills and experience you would be welcome to join us!

Who we are - Partners and Donors

These are the groups and organisations  without whom we would not have been able to make “it possible”. Not forgetting the many individuals who helped us through their generosity.

The section will automatically step through or click on the arrows to find what you want.

NDCOA are a  longstanding  partner  in Uganda and have worked with Kisoboka on WASH and other projects.

Notre Dame Community Outreach Association


KRA,  a Kisoboka partner  have carried out water and sanitation projects at several  Schools  in Kenya with financial support from various donors.

Kenya Rainwater Association


Living Water Africa fights water poverty by funding the building, fixing and maintenance of water wells in rural Africa.  They have supported several of our pump and water source refurbishment projects.

Living Water Africa


ROPE are are UK based charity who provided funding for a water and sanitation project for a school in Kitengela, Kenya.



KTCT are a UK based charitable trust. They provided funding for several of our pump and water source reinstatement projects

Kitchen Table Charities Trust


The Waterloo Foundation are based in Wales and funded wash rooms and toilets for girls at a secondary school in Masaka, Uganda.

Waterloo Foundation


St Edwards School is a special school located near Romsey UK.  The boys and staff have steadfastly supported many Kisoboka projects over the years. 

St Edwards School