What Kisoboka does

The Kisoboka Trust supports local initiatives in various countries in sub-Saharan Africa impacting on water, sanitation, health and related issues in communities, schools, hospitals and health centres

Kisoboka works by :-

The Kisoboka Trust was set up in 2007 in response to a request from a High School in Masaka Uganda for financial and technical assistance in building rain water harvesting facilities and latrines.
Kisoboka has supported projects for 3 rainwater tanks (2 off 50,000 litres and 1 off 30,000 litres), latrines (VIP type) for boys and girls and wash rooms for each. Through other supporters we have been able to provide an economic wood burning stove and have on occasions given
limited emergency funds for food and medicine. A Food Security Project has
been started at the school with cultivation of vegetables, maize etc together with fish tanks and a greenhouse for tomatoes and peppers. All these projects have made maximum use of local labour, parents and senior students with technical inputs from local tradesmen and engineers.

As a result of working together on these projects we have established an effective and mutually trusting relationship with our partners.
In the last few years the Trust has been able to provide technical support to projects in slum areas in Nairobi, Kenya and has established a working partnership with the Kenya Rainwater Association and have completed a rainwater harvesting project at a school in Kenya. A rainwater harvesting system and toilets have been built at a primary school in Kenya and have funded another 6 stance latrine at a school in Uganda.

In the last two years we have been able to initiate and support a project to refurbish and bring into use pumps and protected springs in the Kalungu district of Uganda.One of our trustees initiated a Health Camp in Kalungu district which was attended by over 600 men women and children needing care.

It is planned to repeat this and address, on a more permanent basis, the health needs of the local population.

The featured photographs at the top of our pages show some of the completed and planned projects. To see a more complete set of photographs  go  to our portfolio page  here. 

The Trust has plans to broaden its support into the local communities in Uganda and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.