Rain Water Harvesting

This was the normal after school activity at a High school in Uganda. A common sight in Sub Saharan Africa! The Kisoboka Trust have helped to provide Rain water Harvesting Tanks so these kids now have access to clean water at their School. No more carrying jerry cans back to school and the risks of crossing a busy highway. Prior to the installation of the tanks the school suffered a typhoid outbreak which resulted in the hospitalisation of several of the children. Since the the completion of the tanks the School Director says the health of the children has been greatly improved.

The success of the first rain water harvesting project inspired the Trust to support several other projects.

Rain Water Harvesting Projects

Thanks to the generosity of individual donors and funding from UK based charitable trusts we have completed these RWH systems

  • Notre Dame High School – Masaka,Uganda. We have now built three tanks with a total capacity of 130,000 litres. These were built using Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks (ISSBs) and roofed with corrugated steel sheets.
  • St Charles Lwanga School – Ruai, Kenya. Kisoboka partnered with the Kenya Rainwater Association who completed the tank which was formally handed over to the School in late 2013. This was built with dressed stone blocks and with a conical cast concrete roof.
  • Gil Harder Academy – Kitengela, Kenya. Also built by KRA with the same construction as at St. Charles Lwanga School. A completion ceremony was attended by Trustees of the Kisoboka Trust and community members.

Apart from these large projects, during visits by Kisoboka trustees and others we have been able to help connect up an existing PVC storage tank at a school in Kibera, Kenya and install a small tank and collection system at a boy’s refuge near Masaka, Uganda.

Donors and Supporters

Thanks to these organisations who have supported the projects and many others, individuals and groups who have given generously

Living Water Africa. Find out about LWA here

St Edwards School  A very special School that has helped make it possible.  Read about the School here.

Rope  Find out about ROPE with this link

Read about our partner KRA here

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