What Kisoboka does

The Kisoboka Trust supports local initiatives in various countries in sub-Saharan Africa impacting on water, sanitation, health and related issues in communities, schools, hospitals and health centres.

Kisoboka – The name

Kisoboka means “It is possible” in the Luganda language – one of the several used in Uganda.

Kisoboka – How it started

One of the trustees received a request from a school in Uganda for help with water and sanitation projects. Despite contacting several organisations, charities and NGOs, it seemed unlikely that  any practical or financial assistance could be provided.

Unable to make an effective response as an individual,  a group of friends offered to come  together to form the Kisoboka Trust. The trust was created with no funds and no supporters. Thanks to family members, individuals, schools and other charities we have found “it is possible”  to provide funding and technical support for a range of projects.

The featured photographs show some of the existing and planned projects. To see a more complete set of photographs  Go to our portfolio here.  The Trust has plans to broaden its support into the local communities in Uganda and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.